Complications Abound

Recently it was pressed upon me just how complicated life can be. How complicated we have made life in a world and society that we have crafted for convenience. We have to pay for everything, strive for everything, and yet we think that it is us that gives us our own breath. How much easier to simply be the sparrow.

The Wall of Fog Does Churn and Reach

If the wall of fog does churn and reach If it breaks revealing the sun If creepy entropy robs my marrow If I find myself in peaceful rest If everything I own was suddenly dust If everything I own was suddenly gold If I captured a sunrise in a poem If I alienated everyone I know If it was suddenly illegal to be me If I am celebrated on high Though I be blessed Though …

Weird Scapes

I draw great joy from creation. Viewing it brings into perspective the creative power of God. What is even more amazing is that I might get to emulate my God by creating myself.

Bound Mission

Bound Mission - Aaron Blakeley - The Daily Haiku - Writer - Poet - Blogger - Web Comic

Had a great conversation with a friend.

A Thread

A Thread - Daily Haiku - Aaron Blakeley - Blogger, Writer, Web Comic, Longview Texas

When Nikki and I married we took a quiz called “The Strength Finder” by Tom Rath. It shows you your top 5 strengths and ranks them from strongest to weakest. Mine were the following: Connectedness –¬† People strong in the Connectedness theme have faith in the links between all things. They believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason. Ideation –¬†People strong in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. …

Churning Light

Churning Light - The Daily Haiku - Aaron Blakeley - Blogger - Writer

Exploration runs in the veins of humans. We explore our world, we explore each other and ourselves. There is one mystery that I have found that satisfies but is always an ever running spring of fresh discoveries. God’s infinite horizons are forever churning with light.


Justin - Aaron Blakeley - The Daily Haiku Webcomic - Longview Texas Blogger

Sometimes you have friends, sometimes you have coworkers. Justin asked me to write a haiku about him so here it is. …. Haiku.


Damion - The Daily Haiku - Aaron Blakeley - Blogger - Writer - Poet

There is a lot of things I could say about him. I think I will stick with I love you.


What can I say about my foster children that can even be uttered with words? Though difficulty may abound and your life is quite complicated you are still so very precious.