Viewing The Connections – Practicing Compassion

I have heard some thought provoking sayings before from strong minded, kind people. I have read proverbs at least 15 times. Recently a quote caught my attention….. “Be kind for everyman fights a hard battle.”

Sweet Madness

This is sweet madness, how could such fortune beset us.

Love the Sinner Hate the Sin

There are two things that grieve me in the faith of those around me today. Some have taken the truth, that as a follower of Christ, is part of our treasure and hope, and turned it into hate by removing all trace of the precious love that calls us to Christ. The same has been done with the Love that gives us purpose. There is love preached from pulpits and in the street but there …


Do You Know Where Your Thoughts Are

What is my greatest fear? My greatest fear is being in a cave or tube underwater that feeling of drowning with no escape. My next biggest is big fake heads like the Micky Mouse from Disney World. Man I could tell you stories about this weird phobia. My next greatest fear is one that always skits on the edge of my life, threatening to be come a reality. I fear becoming an old cranky grumpy …

Making Known

There is a nerdcore rap artist named M.C. Frontalot and he has a song about all those adults and semi adults who dress up as super heroes and comic book characters at conventions. I believe the phrasing goes something like: they’ll tell you what the lifestyle’s about. With the purrs and growls, and the scent of upholstery. Even though they’re all on display, I think mostly these ones found invisibility spell. Can’t see who they really …