Paper Age

Write it down, think it, remember it. Paper, paper is good. Paper in this age where things are going more and more paperless is novel. It also is adventagous. The vault 7 leak shows juat how previlent the ability for an individual to invade your privacy is. You know what cant be hacked your journal or note book. But why right anything down at all? We humans are inclined to confess everything. We want to …

The Power

The Power - Aaron Blakeley - The Daily Haiku Web Comic

Children are great and dress up is even better. My own children fret over their costumes preferring one over the other and even having some stress over how cool they look. Then a magical event takes place and they become the person they are pretending to be. Next time join in.

The Deep Wood

The Deep Wood - Haiku - Aaron Blakeley - The Daily Haiku Web Comic

I have lamented on more than one occasion about how I have filled my mind with utter filth on more than one occasion. Sometimes it has been simply filth for filth’s sake. Not even “dirty things” just violence or an immoral cavalcade with no story or lesson. The deep wood that places in the mind, in the heart, in the attitude that is quite and put there by the divine to ruminate and meditate on His …


Why I Protect

All of my kids want cell phones. They are not even over the 10 threshold. The internet is, for the most part, a burning pile of lies, sex, and violence. I have a website that I try to put good stuff out but frankly, for the most part, it’s a drop in the bucket. I am protective of their media and entertainment. Unfortunately, I am unsure it will be enough.

A Loved Touch of Wild – The Daily Haiku

If I had to carry a pebble in my pocket for every time I longed; I mean deep longing to be in the woods on a quiet walk or to be camping in a primitive campsite I would not be able to keep my pants up. I try to take every touch of nature I get with a sense of thankfulness and an intent to savor. Even when all the tasks of the day have …

Cool Drink of Water

Some of us, maybe you have a constant campfire in your heart. The woods, landscape, and nature speak to you of God’s prowess just as much as any holy book. This is creation’s words, the laws of physics that are the poetry of God.

You Own A Dragon

You Own A Dragon - Aaron Blakeley - Web Comic The Daily Haiku

Children are amazing if you have progeny of your own you know the feeling. A life that changes so fast before your very eyes. A life that has energy and vigor. A dragon of a life that your heart is tied all up in. Taming such a thing is myth.

This Hunt

This Hunt - Aaron Blakeley - Poem Haiku Webcomic

Close friends are hard to find. Not relly much else to say about that.

Grow The Patina

Grow the patina - Haiku and Web Comic - Aaron Blakeley

Rust grows it covers metal as time and oxygen combine of the surface of an object. The best metals only get a patina. Marriage is like that time and life causes a patina to grow. Hair grays, the story progresses and a true commitment gets deeper. Two people as the patina the crystalline structure of their rust intertwine and they are forever stuck together. Stuck in the best ways.

From The Spring

From The Spring - Aaron Blakeley - Webcomic - Hiaku

This is it the place that I think sometimes we touch but don’t very often. That point no matter where you are, no matter what boring grind or terrible situation you find yourself in; your eyes are opened and you see the indelible mark of the infinite on the finite and see just how we are all connected by a common narrative. Also who doesn’t like a haiku?