And So We Are Pruned

We Have Eben-Ezers For Children An Eben-Ezer is a pile of stones that followers of God would raise at locations of significance. Abraham raised one at the location where he was asked to sacrifice Isac, Gideon raised one where he met the angel, and Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. If you are in church you probably have heard the word in the famous hymn “Come, thou Fount of …

My Children Love Games and I Hate Tyranny

My children love games. Video games, hide and go seek, made up games that always end in tragedy and board games. Recently my boys hit the age where their cognitive skills far out weigh the intrigue cooties can bring and they have craved more mental stimulation. I taught them to play Risk and now they never stop asking to play Risk. Risk is great except when you play Risk you have to take a vacation …

Niblit – I Don’t Owe You

What Was Niblit Niblit started out as this thought that I might read more if I suddenly built a website around my reading. Well I have kids, so I read more but still don’t have the time or wherewithal to write a book review or report. So Niblit was D.O.A. within days of the first post. What Will It Be I really like the logo and spent a lot of time dreaming about something like …

Open Veins

Open Veins - Aaron Blakeley - Daily Haiku Web Comic

The older I have gotten the less I have been interested with just putting up with stuff for the sake of putting up with stuff. Maybe this is good, maybe it is not. I am sure God will lead me and correct me because he loves me.

Why Longview Texas Needs Good Coffee

Espresso Machine - Why Longview Needs Good Coffee.

Tea is a staple of British culture. Not being British, it is hard for me to grasp its significance fully. The British brought tea from China to Europe and then made it their national drink. I drink tea on occasion all kinds from Herbal to Earl Gray but for me, tea does not hold the place that coffee does. Coffee is everywhere, almost every restaurant and gas station have some form of coffee available. It …

Oaks and Crape Myrtles

Oaks and Crape Myrtles Aaron Blakeley - Daily Haiku

I have considering my own feelings towards the current climate in the culture. So much information that you can’t trust. This world is so full of lies and misdirection that there is no way your children won’t fall for at least a few of the lies. I was walking this weekend and I came across the ruins of an old monument sign. I was brick and overgrown by tree and vines. The bricks were loose but …

This Hunt

This Hunt - Aaron Blakeley - Poem Haiku Webcomic

Close friends are hard to find. Not relly much else to say about that.

Kindled Man A Poem By Aaron Blakeley

The Kindled Man - A Poem By Aaron Blakeley

See the glow of flame The spark of understanding God’s truth kindled man Truth for coals Iron crucible for a belly Lungs as bellows A mind as anvil Thoughts as hot metal The story of the word smith a hammer My life forged a golem of worship The kindled man

Haiku Collection #2

The fear of the Lord
Not fear like terror or pain
Awe of your power

The Wonder In People

What Precious People

Where has your wonder gone? I feel it to, the tug of controversy and drama unfolding. Who will win? It is the same thing you find in high school popularity. The problem with this kind of entertainment is where it leads us. We are all in the arena all of us gladiators and once the dust has settled some of us will be dead. So the question I ask is one that I have yet …