Eldon Rook Dust Bunnies – Part 4

“ Let me show you around the lab. It is a humble place but it’s ours. This main area is the best part of our space. I had it set up to be modular so I could run multiple experiments at the same time. Some of the outcomes of other experiments affect other experiments in ways that could not be anticipated. Which is alway welcome. The room to the left is my office, the room to the right is the supply / cage room. Which reminds me I will need you to take an inventory at some point. Come lets go to my office and talk about your duties.”

I took this moment of silence to ask, “ What experiments are you running? They all look very unusual.”

Dr. Rook smiled removing his goggles and gloves “ they are quite natural I assure you. Maybe more natural than some of the experiments they have see upstairs.”

“ I have not seen any of the experiments upstairs I am only a first year student. It’s mostly book work for me till the end of the second year.”

“Really!”, he seemed stunned by this. “ I can not believe they are not throwing you all into the waters. You should be doing guided experiments from the moment you set foot in the program. Not scouring over text books. What would you remember most: what you had read in a textbook or what you learned in a lab?”

His office was very nice– somewhat out of place from the rest of the lab. Most of the office had been finished in hardwood. Shelves full of books and various items covered two of the four walls. Dr. Rook took a seat at the large desk with several notebooks stacked at one corner and one open in the middle. Dr. Rook motioned for me to sit ” Ahanu what do you hope to accomplish by being my assistant? Surely they told you of me and my oddities?”

” Sir, I hope to get some lab time. Truthfully I am not well equipped for my chosen study and I need all the lab and hands on work I can get.”

“Interesting, well we will see what we can do about that. From what I know of the native american culture you must be of chippewa decedent and by your location here in Wisconsin I would have to guess the Bad River Reservation.”

I was impressed, ” Yes I am! Have you had an interest in the Chippewa? “

Dr. Rook smiled, ” My investigations give me occasion to study lots of folk lore and cultures.”

I leaned forward, ” what exactly is your realm of study Dr. Rook.”

He perked up a bit, ” I am so glad you asked! I am a biologist with a propensity for seeking the unusual answer. I have a focus on zoology and ethology.” “Really that is my focus as well!” He clapped his hands together “Ahanu I think we will be getting along just fine. I would love to sit and chat more but I don’t want to prematurely scare you off. We will start your service tomorrow. Till we meet again.”

At this he got up and lead me out the back and up a cement staircase. We emerged on the backside of the science building, where we parted ways.

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