Eldon Rook Dust Bunnies – Part 6

The day finally came when I encountered the experiments and behaviour that should have ran me screaming from Dr. Rooks lab. To this day, even after all I have seen what I saw in that lab still escapes me. Dr. Rook had cleared an entire end of the lab and set up several of his clockwork boxes on wooden pillars–three in a semi circle leaving a space against the wall.

Dr. Rook asked me to retrieve a cage from the storage room, explaining that it was a new specimen tied to the rock he had been looking at when we first met. I retrieved the cage but all I can remember seeing inside the cage was the rock and something blurred out in my memory. Dr. Rook explained that often he added a bit of artistic flourish to his work saying “it helps me remember what to do next.” He explained that in this world there are things that resist discovery all through instinct or defense. However, their discovery has great impact on our world and us. Today we would attempt to tame one of the more dangerous ones.

He began to draw black conjoined circles on the floor. Dr. Rook explained, ” energy is released by chemical reactions and we can shape those chemical reactions much in the same way we can make a bomb that explodes and fires a stream of molten metal into the armor of a tank. In this way we choose our chemicals and shape their reactions to disrupt, contain or examine our subjects. “

The circles looked very mathematical with a kind of flourish about them. They were very pleasing the eye. It was clear that Dr. Rook was a man of skill.

He then took rubbing alcohol and poured it into the clockwork boxes and lit them. You could hear the tiny springs working inside.

I remeber, lights dimmed and Dr. Rook seemed pleased and worried at the same time.

The boxes got louder and louder making a kind of noise, a tone. Dr. Rook suddenly rushed in front of the boxes and began humming notes as if he was trying to find the right one.

Then there was frustrated yelling from Dr. Rook and fire.

Next thing I knew I was being slapped on the cheek and he was asking me if I was fine and if I liked brandy. The pillars and boxes had been put away and it was clear that Dr. Rook had lit the circles. The cage sat in its place as before.

In Dr. Rooks office he stared at me concerned. I was working on my second brandy, the stuff was terrible. Dr. Rook leaned forward, “ I have to say I am pleased, most of my assistants would have left me before now let alone still be sitting in my office after that failed attempt. I knew I saw something in you. Especially after the first few times you had seen what we just experimented on.”

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