Eldon Rook Dust Bunnies – Part 7

I am not given to anger, it is really not my cultures way, we have always sought peace and harmony but in this moment my blood boiled … could have been the brandy, “ What do you mean a few times before! Dr. Rook I can barely remember what just happened. I passed out! Yet here I am sitting here because I know deep down inside that I have been convinced what you are doing is important!” I had no idea I thought that, but there it was, “ What just happened sir tell me everything or this native american is walking out the door with your brandy!”

Dr. Rook smiled and leaned forward “ as you may have heard my exploits into the sciences left me dissatisfied. It’s true my doctorate is honorary though I have completed the studies to have it.”

I stopped him, ” actually I thought your doctorate was legitimate in fact doctor Deacon had spoken of it as if it was!”

Dr. Rook seemed annoyed by this ” Yes Dr. Deacon fears me a bit. I wish he would tell the full story. I am sorry you have labored under a misconception all this time. Let me continue, what really peaked my interest was field research. Biology had the largest opportunity to get out of the lab and books, and into the wild with nothing but a notebook, pen and few portable items. Unfortunately my credentials could only get me on less reputable expeditions. Mostly well to do hillbillies out looking for sasquatch or irishmen looking for lochness.”

“On one such expedition into Louisiana we were moving through an area with lots of trees and moisture. It was right on the edge of a honest to goodness swamp. There was some yelling about having found something. Then there was a scream and gun fire. We were all so inexperienced, we scattered and were immediately lost. I could have not been more blessed that night. I was running in the direction I thought my companions might be when I tripped on a large object. Pulling myself up off the moist ground I turned to look at the stumbling block. There was nothing there except a void and an expanding pool of blood. I waved my hand in the space and what I felt was mildly long curly hair. The hair was very smooth,almost glass smooth, and the strands were thicker like yarn.

I pulled out my knife and began to cut away at the thick fur. Looking around periodically to make sure that I was not being watched by my companions. I had the oddest experience every time I looked away from the creature and then looked back to my task: I was surprised and startled. As if it was the first I had realized what I was doing. It was as if when my eyes looked away I almost forgot what I had stumbled upon. There was visible peach colored skin underneath the fur. I must have spent at least an hour and a half cutting away sections of the hair trying to get an idea of the size of this unseen creature. Then it occurred to me. I should shave the face. Feeling my way to head of the beast I began to carefully feel out the features. The face was almost perfectly smooth. There felt to be a mouth with a collection of teeth and a set of lidless large dark orbe eyes. I shaved carefully till I could clearly see the features of this animal. I was stunned to stare into the lifeless face of something seemingly so foreign with such a unique way of staying undetected. There in front of me was a dead sasquatch. Large and strong but by its features not very close to ape likeness at all.”

Dr. Rook paused and leaned in. “ That is when they began to sing Ahanu!” His eyes were alight. “Ahanu, they were all around me, as I flashed my light around I could see it reflect across their retinas. Turning back the body I was once again startled. It seemed as if the creature had to be looked upon to be remembered otherwise its image slid back into memory and imagination. Their voices were deep and melodic. There was no rhythm just a collection of sounds harmonized together. They moved in close gathering around me and the body. One kneeled down and flickered into sight. Its fur was dark and muddy colored. The others placed large hands on my shoulders and began to sing louder. Some began to gather the body and at that I fell asleep. I awoke on the forest floor next to the pool of now dark and dry blood. My notebook I had been carrying had drawings of my encounter and detailed notes about the sasquatch. Thought I remembered encountered them and everything I have told you, I do not remember taking the notes.”

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