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The oldest post on this site is from 05/21/2013 and it was about my son learning to read. It was imported from an older blog which is to say that I have been writing online for a while. Which is also to say that there is a whole lot of grammatical errors on this site. I have dabbled in art, and story telling during this whole grand experiment and have come to one conclusion that I am going to run with. God will be glorified no matter what. God gave man the ability to express. Man expresses, but why does he express? He should express to glorify God. 

As far as myself I want to create stories and do the occasional drawing. I am a father and a full time employee and these things take up most of my time. Time I am happy to give. I also love my city Longview, Texas. It’s small but there is something great about the place it just pulses with potential. However, when it is all said and done, the thing that I want to spend this so called free-time doing is making art, finding art, letting that art focus my mind on God, and then sharing it with you, friend.