Time Frames

I settled in pressing my tired body against the cool leather padded with the shapes of loved ones. The chair accepted and bestowed its gift of rest. It had been a rough day full of shining examples of human frailty and finitude. I had been asked about time frames. What does anyone expect from a question about time frames? “How long will it take?” Person A asks. Person B thinks for a moment, about what?

Throw Another Boot on The Fire

The more code you write, the more buildings you build, the more children you raise, the more decisions you make, the more responsibility you are given, and the more exposure to things going terribly wrong you have. This is undeniable. Sometimes you do a good job for years and something you either missed or neglected for any number of human reasons goes boom. What is it that we should do about the other boot when

Accept The Problems

In this world, there will be trouble and cortisol. Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone, liquid alarm. Cortisol is not all bad. You need it to be strong, and to produce energy in a pinch. What if you just produce it all the time though? Well then you have a real problem, don’t you? Have you ever tried to sleep while a fire alarm is going off? Cortisol is just physical though. Yet our

Dwell on Regret

What is the difference between knowing and might? Isn’t knowing a previously trodded path? Isn’t might a path you have only just found? Regret sneaks up on a man in the tall grass. He walks the path of might and finds his legs covered in ticks. They are not fatal but no one really wants to have to deal with them. I love sweets but in recent times I have found myself less and less

With That Great Mountain Below

I have often felt a kindred spirit with the dwarves of Tolkien fiction. Not because of their lust for wealth and power or their incarnate little man syndrome. I felt a connection with them because they live under a mountain. I live beneath a mountain of work as well. The art and writing I do are often gasps of fresh air from a tiny hole that I dug with a keyboard and a pencil. I