Today I decided to drop in to my favorite gas station and pick up a Friday sweet cake and Starbucks cold frapachino. For months I had stopped in there and picked up a cup of their terrible coffee. The coffee was not the reason I stopped there. I stopped there because of an old delightful woman named Deb. We had become acquaintances and would spend 15 minuets talking about her grand children and my son


Tammy Pusher sat staring longingly out of the window. The wind blew their tall grass in waves across the lawn. She always wanted a nice lawn but with everything she did with the kids she never had the time or energy. The trash sat overflowing in its can, just another thing that she did not have the energy to do. Nothing would please her more than to have someone cut her lawn and give her

The Suite

Every morning I saw him. He would emerge out of the woods as naked as the day he was born…. except with more hair. He would stand there reluctantly as if he were waiting for the perfect moment. Then with a sigh and a look of mischief on his face he would raise his right hand and snap his fingers. From the trees and the woods they came squirrels all different colors and sizes. They


It had been “mid day” since I opened my eyes. I love the morning but mid day had over took the morning while riding a rocket made of large rat bones. It smelled like lemons. At work I had been chipping away at the solid block of obsidian that is my email when I found a client request with a deadline of today. I have always treated the people I manage with respect and kindness.

Do You Know Where Your Thoughts Are

What is my greatest fear? My greatest fear is being in a cave or tube underwater that feeling of drowning with no escape. My next biggest is big fake heads like the Micky Mouse from Disney World. Man I could tell you stories about this weird phobia. My next greatest fear is one that always skits on the edge of my life, threatening to be come a reality. I fear becoming an old cranky grumpy

Making Known

There is a nerdcore rap artist named M.C. Frontalot and he has a song about all those adults and semi adults who dress up as super heroes and comic book characters at conventions. I believe the phrasing goes something like: they’ll tell you what the lifestyle’s about. With the purrs and growls, and the scent of upholstery. Even though they’re all on display, I think mostly these ones found invisibility spell. Can’t see who they really

Learning To Read

It has been interesting watching my son learn how to read. He has whined and complained about every aspect of reading. He does not want to sound out letters or memorize his sight words. In contrast to this he has shown huge leaps in comprehension and a deep interest in any story you tell him. TV and video games do not hold his attention like someone reading to him. This is happening along my own