What Is The Daily Haiku Web Comic

Where to start? We are a foster family. If you think your kids grow up fast imagine having a child that you may only have for 6 months. It becomes urgent to document them not only for you but for them. At the same time that I started documenting my many children in earnest, I wanted to have a thing I did every day that practiced observing God's work in our lives and expressing that and other things as simply as possibly. Also, I love poetry always have! So I started out on Instagram writing haikus and collecting them together on the site.

Haiku Collection 1

Haiku Collection 2

Haiku Collection 3

This was great and easy, but I wanted to do more. So I looked through things I had enjoyed in the past, and I came across this wonderful little comic called A Softer World. That comic has since ended but has a great archive that you can consume at your leisure. I loved the format of it and its iconic three panels fit perfectly with the three-line haikus. In this was born The Daily Haiku.

Awe of God + Poetry + Rising Kids + Desiring Creativity + Web Comics = The Daily Haiku

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