Why I Started This Site

The reason for having a website where you spout out thoughts and musings has been a common thing since the internet came about and made it possible for anyone with a computer and dial up to be published. Before then there were not many outlets for public discourse.

This is not my first website and probably won't be my last but it is my longest running. So the reasons for having the site were not entirely clear to me at first. The more I have grown as a person who writes the more I have come to realize that the reason why I write is that I might have a conversation.

Writing and putting thoughts, stories and musings out there not so much as to be heard but so that I might listen. Listening is something that does not happen often in a genuine since.

Now I am about to ask you to send me a message. This particular form is intended to build any newsletters, email lists or to market to you. I have forms like that on this site. I would like to write full time though the path I am choosing to walk means that my goal is quite far away.

I do not like social media. I don't like the idea of someone else owning the conversation I have with you. I participate in social media because I am no fool and some genuine people are out there. Here is what I would ask. At the risk of having spam fill my inbox I am going to offer you a few things.

One: here is my personal email address: 

Two: Here is a form that you can fill out that will send a message to my personal email address. I would love to speak with you. Really on any subject.

Till then. God bless.