How to be Friends on Social Media


Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash The twenty-first century has brought us so many modern marvels; 3D printing, augmented reality, the social credit system1, e-cigarettes, digital assistants2, e-readers, and social media. Now as I sit here an American Texan sipping on a hot cup of Earl Grey I realized that even though social media was given birth in the early 21st century and we have lived with it many years, there is not a definitive …



“It finally got here!” Jerome thought as he unpacked the cardboard box. There had been several before it but none had held the one thing he needed, wanted. Jasmine his cat had been sick for some time and he had decided to save and go into some debt to extend his beloved animals life. Jasmine had been a constant in his life for nearly 15 years. Which is a long time for cats. He had …

How To Be Political


In this short but helpful guide, I hope to equip you with the necessary tools to rise to the top of your chosen political alignment1. I bet you have noticed that your neighbors, long time friends, respected mentors, trusted news sources, and beloved institutions have without much effort lost their dam minds. Some have in, what seemed a most primal and natural way taken up a very loud screed about bathing in the blood of …

The Common EP 1 – Balance


I make things to remind myself of what matters. I discuss my thoughts on balance and use C.S Lewis as my preface.

The Obligatory COVID-19 Blog Post or Mah Mah Mah my Corona!

Social Distancing

Being a person who identifies as a writer I felt it would be prudent to write something about this sheltering in place and the slow melting of liberties previously believed to have been given to us by God. Though it seems that was all lip service and it is the government that gives them too us. The Gov giveth and taketh away. I am not going to do that. I will not sit and pound …

What is Crossfit?


Recently it has come to the attention of humanity that sitting around eating the most decadent of snack cakes, packaged in cellophane while guzzling the equivalent of liquid bread may not be good for you. In fact, the pancreas was recently removed from the medical books because doctors were pretty sure no one had any interest in using it the right way. This positioned the pancreas to become the favorite organ of muscle-bound hipsters with …

How To Use a Todo-list


The first step in using a todo-list is to know what a todo-list is. Todo-lists were invented early on in the industrial revolution by a one, Dr. Gerald A. Todo. Dr. Todo had been looking for a way to keep track of everything he needed to take care of. Historians say that the rising number of patients he was seeing due to the newness of factory technologies was the catalyst for this. Dr. Todo speculated …

Creative Lament


I have drawn, painted, and wrote in some form or fashion since I could hold a pencil or other marking implement. If you have read more than three posts on this site then you probably already know that my interests are scattered to the point that it makes it hard to be good at anything. I like my creativity like I like my beer. Never the same thing twice. Two themes have stuck with me …