Ignore The Divine

With an intricacy of light and a web of quantum strands.This reality stands and seemingly embraces a plan.Though man can conceive of chaos indeed. His own bedtime story involves a mind that perceives. Nothing is beyond an imagination not yet contained.Sept for the mixing and rearranging of what is already made.To reach in and call forth some beautiful strain. And though there be doubt proclaim and refrain. There is but darkness in the soul of

There Is More To Us

I have been thinking a lot about the material intersecting the spiritual. It has been my observation that more and more we as a society are making decisions based around two very tenuous structures. The structures rise up in the digital landscape like titans of thought and eyes. Their names are relative truth and self-fulfilling logic loops. The child says, “Well he stole a cookie so I did too.” While the campaign manager says,”Their campaign used propaganda so I

Shocking Splendor

When the void sat silent and the only thing that hovered above the deep was the one that defined it, was the deep surprised when he finally spoke “those” words? Was it sure of it’s purpose at that moment? Can creation even feel or know? Did it not make sense or have a finitely discernible purpose until something was created that could see, know and discern? Not until humans were created, by the same creative

Is The Drain Really Unclogged?

Is the drain really unclogged The week started normally enough Monday morning breakfast and work, then Crossfit. That is where things went a little askew from the normal grind. See a spur of the moment obstacle course and this old mans endocrine system aliened like the planets on some cosmic solstice. I felt spry and ready for the class and decided that a vigorous step up onto a thirty inch box was exactly what I

Parenting is The Bloodless Revolution

Recently I published an article on the blog ” They Call Me Dad.” Here is an excerpt. What raises my hope and maybe makes me and possibly you, those that share honey and locusts with John The Baptist as he spoke in the wilderness, is this glorious thought: we need not kill each other to have change. I know, take a moment breath it in and then let the thought as adrenaline in your veins,

Universal Vibrations

In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. It describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other. On distance scales larger than the string scale, a string looks just like an ordinary particle, with its mass, charge, and other properties determined by the vibrational state of the string. When we speak we vibrate the air so

Greater Than Thought

Capacity is a wonderful word describing the maximum amount of; you name it. Circumstances is also a word that is used often when we can not say what it is that brought us here, “It is just our circumstances.” Circumstances are like a wave that washes over our temporal experience they  can be good, bad or indifferent. Though they are usually tangible reflecting light so that we might see them. Their existence effervesces always in

Churning Light

Exploration runs in the veins of humans. We explore our world, we explore each other and ourselves. There is one mystery that I have found that satisfies but is always an ever running spring of fresh discoveries. God’s infinite horizons are forever churning with light.

Creator of Leaves – A Poem

Once in a restaurant after eating morning rays illuminating distant trees I lamented my being, not in the forest amongst the leaves How desire burned in me a deep sigh I have heaved from my responsibility, I longed for a moments reprieve And not to nap or be entertained To get lost in the embrace of nature and to consider the creator of this creature For in me and surely in you a wild abandon does

The Makers Order

Sometimes when I consider this world, our cells on up to our relationships, I am stunned. Believe what you will of creation whether it be a literal seven days or the cosmic dance of creation condescended to us as seven days. Our universe if a finely tuned watch and it is only the Makers order that keeps it in check. Both in his verbal order to exist and his organization of ever single atom and physical