Grow The Patina

Grow the patina - Haiku and Web Comic - Aaron Blakeley

Rust grows it covers metal as time and oxygen combine of the surface of an object. The best metals only get a patina. Marriage is like that time and life causes a patina to grow. Hair grays, the story progresses and a true commitment gets deeper. Two people as the patina the crystalline structure of their rust intertwine and they are forever stuck together. Stuck in the best ways.

That Selfish Thread That Ruins

I desperately want to be pleased by the mud pies and murky waters of satiated cravings rather than the infinite Glory of God’s “well done my good and faithful servant.” My reward is Christ himself; my pleasure is his embrace and the fruits of his character and spirit. This is the only truly trustworthy metric for life success in fatherhood, career, and marriage.

What Spyro The Dragon Taught Me About Marriage

Crossed wii remotes - Aaron Blakeley - Marriage

For Christmas, me and my lovely wife Nikki got the 25th anniversary Wii (the red one). We were excited, I am primarily a PC gamer and a binge gamer. A binge gamer is a person that only plays video games socially or in one large crazy time-consuming marathon, and then not play them for months, in some cases years. The last console that I owned was a super Nintendo and I bought that in response …