All Those Hands

Creativity tends to come when sadness and depression are present. We see that in so many different artists. We experience the fruits of such realities and the suicides that crush our perceptions. However, we are made to worship something. Man will worship! We find the depth of our depravity when we worship each other in our own filth and failures. I choose to have creativity be exalting and uplifting bathing in the light and truth.

Stuck Eggs and Cheese

Synopsis I do a lot of dishes being a foster parent of a varying amount of kids can be difficult. Sometimes after dealing with meltdowns, homework, managing their chores and making sure we have fun I like to settle down to a nice large pile of dishes that need to be hand washed. Obviously, that is a lie, I would rather read, watch T.V., sleep or rock quietly in the corner and weep softly. I always

Photon Release – A Poem

Heat applied to an atom Excited movement and photon release Light erupts from the source It travels so fast, faster than anything Faster than me, you, truth We are gifted sight The photons they collide with retinas Sparking mind with vision Seeing truth, reality, and a million ricochets Light has metaphor Truth collides with reality Exciting reality and erupting in light Faster than me, you, it is truth In this world we will have trouble

Haiku Collection #2

The fear of the Lord Not fear like terror or pain Awe of your power

Poem: Sing Into The Dark

I am no singer My voice is rough-hewn Cut from untrained ears Practitioner of nill This voice deep of wood Found a song to sing Soothing the young and hard They from dark circumstance Tears like embered ash Fall and sizzle on cheeks Clenched teeth and red-faced The oil from pressed homes With my voice I scold With my voice I sooth With my voice I correct With my voice I love Strong arms lift pressure

The Worshiping Mind Unavoidable Atheism

All the while atheism New age metaphysics tells with such subtle and soothing tones, “Your world is what you think it is.” You are what you make yourself. All the while atheism and humanism tells us that free will is an illusion, and we are all cast into the sea of chance and biology, which is of itself the results of chance. Then we have the constant stream of media flowing into our phones, televisions,

The Chief End of Man

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. What a great thing God has done in us as humans. Created in his image, presented to him as a bride, saved despite our many transgressions. Tooled to consummate our many passions in praise and adoration. Man will worship something. Despite his belief in a deity he will worship. Most worship work or self. Some worship others or the earth. There is