Alexa … Do you love me?

I saw that there is a microwave that connects to Alexa. It is as if none of us have read the novel 1984. I can’t really tell people to not put wiretaps with ladies names in their homes but we can go through some thought processes.  One of the things that we can say is certain is that the web in general and on whole is not secure. We make every effort for it to

Here Is a Review Because That is What Readers Like and Stuff I Guess

I frequent a coffee shop that also serves beer. Which means I get to drink beer in the most hipster environment possible; Which I love. It has this wonderful fusion of music that I don’t know and people that I dearly love but only spend time with when I am giving them money and feeling hip at their establishment. The Silver Grizzly operates almost as a beacon of walled in hope, a prophet saying to

Why The Multiverse is Silly and Only Ends In God

The earth is pretty great. It has all of this ideal space for the human experience. We can easily gestate our children to the point of adulthood and for the most part, the earth climate is very gentle too us. Sometimes the Earth is angry and throws the upper, and lower crusts into terrible turmoil but for the most part, we thrive. Don’t get me started on our location in the Milky Way Galaxy. We

I Am So Tired and Have Forgotten The Way

When these of toiled distraction rob our sleep. And the world seems torn peek to deep And father and son are rallied against Yet in frailty have simply tried to resist I am so tired and have forgotten the way I am so tired and have forgotten the way So here I sit or maybe there I let time flow and I craft with care An odd here and an end there The mind, it

Ignore The Divine

With an intricacy of light and a web of quantum strands.This reality stands and seemingly embraces a plan.Though man can conceive of chaos indeed. His own bedtime story involves a mind that perceives. Nothing is beyond an imagination not yet contained.Sept for the mixing and rearranging of what is already made.To reach in and call forth some beautiful strain. And though there be doubt proclaim and refrain. There is but darkness in the soul of

The World and The Shelves

The world of Pathfinder takes place on the first shelf of a seven-layered planet. Imagine if you will that earth was hollow and the tectonic plates were staggered with the larger being higher and the smaller being closer to what might be considered the center. The only major difference between this drawing and how it is described in the books is the shelves barely overlap except the seventh shelf which is completely dark and directly

When I Crested The Dune

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. — Albert Einstien He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart, yet no one can fathom what God has done

Dear Reader: Intricate Tapestry Of Light

Dear Reader You are very welcome here. Come sit down at this warm hearth of words woven into story and reason a bit with me. Often it is said of us that there is something so very wrong with us. This is not untrue. Sin and immorality seem to rain supreme and the governments of men are wielded like terrible weapons of oppression, oppressing even those that would be king. I think what should also

Between Blood Caked Lips

The mistake had been made. He had seen the words crash on her face and reverberate through her. He knew as soon as his vocal cords had molded the air into sound waves that what had been said was both cruel and of the moment rather than actual truth or his thoughts. Words that start out as nothing more than the collection of life experiences and circumstance. Well and choice that is part of it

Dear Reader: Just How Bright Is Your Tiny Ember

Dear Reader, I am so glad you could make it. The week has been terribly stressful. I have not enjoyed my kids the way I should have. I have struggled with a bad attitude towards some circumstances beyond my control. Generally, I have been a help to those around me, mostly begrudgingly. Have you ever been that way? Trying your darndest to help all the while grumbling under your breath. The stress has got me