Here We Are Again


This problem has been with me for years. I can usually keep it under control but, well, here we are again. You can purchase this as an NFT.

Birth of Birds

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I like to think that the paint strokes that God used to create all that we see are stranger and sources of infinite imagination. Own the NFT. If you are the first to purchase this NFT then I will send you a custom Coffee Mug.

King James

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There are slaves in and concentration camps in China. Own this as an NFT. Be the first to purchase this NFT and get a coffee mug.

Into The Eye

Into the eye depicts the All Seeing Bolete as it stands in the shadow of the moss covered Tetrarock. Those how seek truth but with falseness in the their hearts and a blind eye to reason find them selves on the quests pulled inextricably to the All Seeing Bolete. One would think they could turn back yet ones it is in sight on the horizon there is no turning back. Some do emerge from the …