Ears To Listen


There is a God, evidencedBy the fact, my son livesHe survived tidal wave of my own wrathBeating me down slowlyMy own patience erodingPersistent waves of adolescence Assailing my own foundation Crash crash crash crash crashThe loud din of a man lostMy own voice crushes you Shame Im sorry I lost my temperIm not sorry for being angry Daddy fallsMay we both have ears to listen


Here Is a Review Because That is What Readers Like and Stuff I Guess


I frequent a coffee shop that also serves beer. Which means I get to drink beer in the most hipster environment possible; Which I love. It has this wonderful fusion of music that I don’t know and people that I dearly love but only spend time with when I am giving them money and feeling hip at their establishment. The Silver Grizzly operates almost as a beacon of walled in hope, a prophet saying to …

Poop Cake


Originally Published At: They Call Me Dad Imagine if you will your favorite type of cake. Lets say it is chocolate or strawberry. Now lets imagine that the best baker on the planet is going to make you this cake. The best of everything a truly artisan cake. A cake that is made at the epitome of cake craftsmanship. The cake is four medium thickness tiers with icing between the first and second layer and …

He Sat Crying


He Sat Crying He sat crying in the garage for a little while he cried. A mind like an otherworldly accuser constantly on him. You are always on the bad side of things. He is so young still in elementary school but he is smart. He can’t seem to shake the feeling that he is good enough or smart enough or able to make a friend. No matter how many friends he has he only …

Parenting is The Bloodless Revolution

Recently I published an article on the blog ” They Call Me Dad.” Here is an excerpt. What raises my hope and maybe makes me and possibly you, those that share honey and locusts with John The Baptist as he spoke in the wilderness, is this glorious thought: we need not kill each other to have change. I know, take a moment breath it in and then let the thought as adrenaline in your veins, …

The Retreat

The Retreat - The Daily Haiku

Sometimes you have to withdraw a bit. Limit your activities, go to bed early turn off the media. Even in relationships you need a withdraw on occasion, not in a way that ends the relationship but just a quite contemplation coupled with a loving and a reassuring hug.

Parenting is The Revolution


I recently went on a campaign to write in more locations than my personal blog and have been marginally successful. I just published an article on my home towns news papers website. It is the first one of hopefully many. This is the most nervous I have been about an article ever. I think I have just the right solution. Societies grow from generation to generation. One generation gets old and passes the reigns of …


Damion - The Daily Haiku - Aaron Blakeley - Blogger - Writer - Poet

There is a lot of things I could say about him. I think I will stick with I love you.



What can I say about my foster children that can even be uttered with words? Though difficulty may abound and your life is quite complicated you are still so very precious.

I Wish You Were Dead


Recently I agreed to be a contributor to a new blog called They Call Me Dad. You can find bellow an except from my first post with them and a link over to it. Excerpt This is the worst thing a child has ever said to me. Probably won’t be the worst in the long run but still, to date, it is the one that has hurt the most. Let me list off some things …