Poop Cake


Originally Published At: They Call Me Dad Imagine if you will your favorite type of cake. Lets say it is chocolate or strawberry. Now lets imagine that the best baker on the planet is going to make you this cake. The best of everything a truly artisan cake. A cake that is made at the epitome of cake craftsmanship. The cake is four medium thickness tiers with icing between the first and second layer and …

Parenting is The Revolution


I recently went on a campaign to write in more locations than my personal blog and have been marginally successful. I just published an article on my home towns news papers website. It is the first one of hopefully many. This is the most nervous I have been about an article ever. I think I have just the right solution. Societies grow from generation to generation. One generation gets old and passes the reigns of …

I Wish You Were Dead


Recently I agreed to be a contributor to a new blog called They Call Me Dad. You can find bellow an except from my first post with them and a link over to it. Excerpt This is the worst thing a child has ever said to me. Probably won’t be the worst in the long run but still, to date, it is the one that has hurt the most. Let me list off some things …



What can I say about my first born? A mind like a steel trap attached to the kind innocence that is his and his alone. He is destined to think some thoughts that we all will love to think after him.

Deaths Nest – A Poem


This is for children that I have seen Their legs move, and their frames careen Across the earth, till they lay to rest At a desk chair which is actually deaths nest.

With Me and Rock


Time with me and rock. Children love rocks, always picking them up. One time one of my little girls was complaining about her backpack being too heavy. We sat down one evening and cleaned out her backpack. There was a lot of junk, yes but there was also about two pounds of gravel in the bottom of it; her “rock collection.” We disposed of the gravel but I have never forgotten how all of my …

With Grace

With Grace - Aaron Blakeley - The Daily Haiku

Love is complex and yet so simple. In love for my children, I will do what is best for them. The complexity comes in when that love is not something the other party wants. Between adults, this is a big deal, with child and parent it is necessary. My children never want to go to be but they need to. They never want to read but the need to. I love them enough to require …

The Power

The Power - Aaron Blakeley - The Daily Haiku Web Comic

Children are great and dress up is even better. My own children fret over their costumes preferring one over the other and even having some stress over how cool they look. Then a magical event takes place and they become the person they are pretending to be. Next time join in.