Pathfinder Update: Almost Ready To Give It To Others To Edit.

I am almost done with the first editing run. It has taken me quite a while mostly because of procrastination. With that said. Here is an excerpt from tonight’s edits. The savory stew was so thick Ruso served it on a plate. The time it had cooked left the vegetables soft and infused with the spices and flavors of the meat. Serge felt life creeping back into his senses as he sopped up the gravy

Excerpt From Pathfinder Affinity – The Briarthorp

The Briarthorp is one of the many animals that makes its home in the upper shelf. It is a large quadrupedal animal which is able to rise up on its rear legs. The animal is covered in brown fur often covered in a natural growing moss that provides it camouflage. The briarthorp is extremely fast over short distances but lacks the sustained speed needed for long chances of prey. The skeleton of the beast is

The World and The Shelves

The world of Pathfinder takes place on the first shelf of a seven-layered planet. Imagine if you will that earth was hollow and the tectonic plates were staggered with the larger being higher and the smaller being closer to what might be considered the center. The only major difference between this drawing and how it is described in the books is the shelves barely overlap except the seventh shelf which is completely dark and directly

What Is A Pathfinder?

The Pathfinder resembles a mace and is the main tool of the Lucerna. The Pathfinder reacts with the Lucerna’s belief in Herre empowering the Lucerna with speed, strength, endurance and the ability to ignore wounds. The Pathfinder itself glows and is often used as a light source. The Lucerna rarely light their Pathfinders fully. During battle, the Lucerna has been described as operating as a lightning bolt from the hand of Herre Himself. Though the

Doing Things Worth The Time – NaNoWriMo

Doing things. This is what our temporal waking hours consist of. Manipulating matter with our hands to actuate the ever expanding universes that we imagine are behind our eyes but actually exist in some unexplained mechanism. Science can only describe this expanse of thought and consciousness as quantum but any child would identify it as your soul. I completed NaNoWriMo. I wrote a novel’s worth of words in twenty five days. I planned for at

NaNoWriMo Kick Off – Pathfinder: Affinity

What is NaNoWriMo Well today I start on my fourth attempt at writing a book. Why tomorrow you ask? Well it is because tomorrow starts the month long event of NaNoWriMo an event where a mere mortal writes a 50K word book in a month. It seems like a bad idea honestly. However, it gives me a deadline and a word goal. For someone like me who has tried three times already and learned a