You Own A Dragon

Children are amazing if you have progeny of your own you know the feeling. A life that changes so fast before your very eyes. A life that has energy and vigor. A dragon of a life that your heart is tied all up in. Taming such a thing is myth.

This Hunt

Close friends are hard to find. Not relly much else to say about that.

Grow The Patina

Rust grows it covers metal as time and oxygen combine of the surface of an object. The best metals only get a patina. Marriage is like that time and life causes a patina to grow. Hair grays, the story progresses and a true commitment gets deeper. Two people as the patina the crystalline structure of their rust intertwine and they are forever stuck together. Stuck in the best ways.

From The Spring

This is it the place that I think sometimes we touch but don’t very often. That point no matter where you are, no matter what boring grind or terrible situation you find yourself in; your eyes are opened and you see the indelible mark of the infinite on the finite and see just how we are all connected by a common narrative. Also who doesn’t like a haiku?

Behold The Light

Toothpaste! I came across this little beauty after my children had gone off to school. At first I was perturbed but then I thought… At least I have children to bless me with such problems. So remember to behold the light; The Way, The Truth and The Light. There needs to be a frame of mind change. One that looks towards the truth and not just what bothers us.

Haiku Collection #2

The fear of the Lord Not fear like terror or pain Awe of your power