Self Discovery – Daily Haiku


I see it in you and me today and everyday. We claw about our lives full of purpose all the while always asking what my purpose is. We are so introspective that we end up out of balance. Is there not beauty in balance? Is there not purpose in the serendipitous architecture of human personality and interests cast into the perfectly balanced machinations of reality and the cosmos. Should we not look to the great watchmaker he …

None More Wild


There is something that calls inside of most people. A call to sweet abandon. It is a natural call but it must be focused on its intended object.

Heart Full of Leaves

A heart full of leaves - poem - Aaron Blakeley - Gideon in leaves

I do no rake my yard I do not mow it My wife loves a clean kept place, but my heart longs for nature to take all that order we people produce and dash it with attrition and careful vines that reach and stretch and crush and nash and mince and rot and grow and change and mature and die   With my heart full of leaves and light peeking through trees and a mind focused …

Sterile Praise

Haiku Sterile Praise - Daily Haiku Aaron Blakeley

Man will praise and perhaps I will become even more undignified than this.

White Robes, Read and Black Armor – Poem

Bathed in light - Poem by Aaron Blakeley

The lights are fluorescent The children are bored bathed evenly White robes, red and black armor It is a lovely game, Defend! Block and break brown and tope skin bathed evenly in White robes, red and black armor Little bodies, move and grow Disciplined with play skill not yet learned bathed evenly White robes, red and black armor They are warriors! Prepare! the world for us parental beasts It is hard and bathed evenly in …

The Great Cloth – Poem

The Great Cloth - Poem By Aaron Blakeley

I have seen a great cloth covering my light pin holes in the black cloth in constellations like stars what if I was like that me a cloth covering the light inside every like I chose to touch was another pin hole constellations form one source of light

With Me and Rock


Time with me and rock. Children love rocks, always picking them up. One time one of my little girls was complaining about her backpack being too heavy. We sat down one evening and cleaned out her backpack. There was a lot of junk, yes but there was also about two pounds of gravel in the bottom of it; her “rock collection.” We disposed of the gravel but I have never forgotten how all of my …

With Grace

With Grace - Aaron Blakeley - The Daily Haiku

Love is complex and yet so simple. In love for my children, I will do what is best for them. The complexity comes in when that love is not something the other party wants. Between adults, this is a big deal, with child and parent it is necessary. My children never want to go to be but they need to. They never want to read but the need to. I love them enough to require …

Paper Age


Write it down, think it, remember it. Paper, paper is good. Paper in this age where things are going more and more paperless is novel. It also is adventagous. The vault 7 leak shows juat how previlent the ability for an individual to invade your privacy is. You know what cant be hacked your journal or note book. But why right anything down at all? We humans are inclined to confess everything. We want to …