This Hunt

This Hunt - Aaron Blakeley - Poem Haiku Webcomic

Close friends are hard to find. Not relly much else to say about that.

Grow The Patina

Grow the patina - Haiku and Web Comic - Aaron Blakeley

Rust grows it covers metal as time and oxygen combine of the surface of an object. The best metals only get a patina. Marriage is like that time and life causes a patina to grow. Hair grays, the story progresses and a true commitment gets deeper. Two people as the patina the crystalline structure of their rust intertwine and they are forever stuck together. Stuck in the best ways.

From The Spring

From The Spring - Aaron Blakeley - Webcomic - Hiaku

This is it the place that I think sometimes we touch but don’t very often. That point no matter where you are, no matter what boring grind or terrible situation you find yourself in; your eyes are opened and you see the indelible mark of the infinite on the finite and see just how we are all connected by a common narrative. Also who doesn’t like a haiku?

Behold The Light

Behold The Light - Web Comic Aaron Blakeley

Toothpaste! I came across this little beauty after my children had gone off to school. At first I was perturbed but then I thought… At least I have children to bless me with such problems. So remember to behold the light; The Way, The Truth and The Light. There needs to be a frame of mind change. One that looks towards the truth and not just what bothers us.

Son of Mine I Know – Poem By Aaron Blakeley


Have been working with my kids a lot on manners but this applies to so much more. With foster or adoptive kids sometimes they come with so many things troubling them. I have see a child go from wild animal to troubled human to maybe one-day well-balanced adult. I have also been reading quite a bit of Shel Silverstein and thought that adding some artwork other than pictures to the poems and posts might be …

Stuck Eggs and Cheese

Stuck Egg and Cheese Featured Image - Poem By Aaron Blakeley

Synopsis I do a lot of dishes being a foster parent of a varying amount of kids can be difficult. Sometimes after dealing with meltdowns, homework, managing their chores and making sure we have fun I like to settle down to a nice large pile of dishes that need to be hand washed. Obviously, that is a lie, I would rather read, watch T.V., sleep or rock quietly in the corner and weep softly. I always …

What Is Real Treasure

What is Real Treasure - Poem Aaron Blakeley

Around the proverbial campfire Fueled by the thermal decay of culture and civilization The sky was dark, and the stars turned lazily Cold and deep as the void. Is it the void? Two humans sit you and me Huddled together for warmth Greedy, hungry the fire sustains us Warm and bright like withering innocence Is it youth? You and I discuss values Under a blanket that is priceless Us made of the very same material …

Kindled Man A Poem By Aaron Blakeley

The Kindled Man - A Poem By Aaron Blakeley

See the glow of flame The spark of understanding God’s truth kindled man Truth for coals Iron crucible for a belly Lungs as bellows A mind as anvil Thoughts as hot metal The story of the word smith a hammer My life forged a golem of worship The kindled man

Don’t I Know You – A Poem By Aaron Blakeley

I Know You - A poem by Aaron Blakeley

Where have I seen you before? Peeking in the window during my worst mistakes Jotting down my words and placing then in the seat of regret There you were watching with wet eyes You hated your job but laughed often You begged and pleaded with me Why when the waves wash over the shores Why when the squall knocks down the tent Why do I forget you immediately How lovely you are daughter of the …