Joy In The Forced Smile

The older I have gotten The more joyful I have become I am not very old now so I feel Very lucky1 Lucky1 that the word transcendent means something to me. Lucky1 that all those years of forced smiles finally have something behind them. Lucky1 that God found me. Lucky1 I did not run. Luck had nothing to do with it.↩↩↩↩↩

With My Kids

I am here is this mall Here with them and my wife Yet I am not here. I am far away with so many thoughts with thoughts of creatures and stories and God Yet I am here with my kids and not all in the moment.

I Arted

Why do I art anyways? Why do I pound these keys and spill this ink Why do I even want to be good at any of this? Why? Well it is an adventure that I can not pass up. It is worship that I can not silence.

Old Places

I long to go to old places Where fences are broken down Where people once were Yet they do not visit anymore I want to sit on the porch of a house Whose living room was long ago taken by a tree I want to swim in nostalgia that is not my own Then I want to take this peace This quiet away from the buzz of radio waves and wifi I want to take …