Doing Really Hard Things and Failing Constantly or How To Burpee Your Life

“What is a Burpee” Quentin asked?  Quentin’s Unrequited Angst responded, “Terrible but necessary. Oh, your suffering will be delicious and worth it!” Quentin wiped the accumulating sweat from his brow and took a deep breath. The failer was not spectacular. In fact, no would even know it had happened.  Yet the push off the ground and the climbing back up to his proverbial feet was painful. Then came the next failure. What is a man to

Cindy’s Wound

“You can’t do this Terry! We need you here at the house! I need you!” Cindy screamed in desperation. “Cindy, I can not handle this anymore! You say you care about the children yet you just let this persist!” Terry raising his voice to match her own. “I do care about the children! I care about you too but sometimes we just have to soldier on! Things happen and they may never change but you

The Stones Will Cry Out: Part 5

Read Part 4 I waited for the door to burst open and the CIA director to come in and offer me some kind of ultimatum. “Come with us or your family will be murdered.” I sat and mused a bit about the change I had brought to the world. I pulled out my laptop and looked over the major news outlets covered in the philosophical rhetoric of what people thought was some kind of unstoppable

The Stones Will Cry Out: Part 4

Read Part 3 It was there in the corner of the room standing there in the corner of the room. Even in the darkness, I could make out its shape. A fawn stood in the corner of the sealed server room. There was no way it could be there. There was no way it could have moved through the facility and pass me through the heavy panes of glass without being seen. Yet here it

The Stones Will Cry Out: Part 3

This is part of a series read part 2 When A.I. is self-aware and every-where there will be no where worth being. ~ Maybe me maybe you The day we shutdown the A.I. and reported our mistakes and findings was the day I considered moving to the mountains living off the grid. Perhaps the spooks I was working for would fund it. Maybe several years from now they would show up to murder me, like

The Stones Will Cry Out: Part 2

This is part of a series read part 1 My boy’s face had questions written all over it. “Dad I know there is no God but how do we know for sure?” The question that bugged all of humanity for so long. It was plain to me. How could there be a God, a creator, an intelligence that shaped us and then set us on this planet to spread like a biological reaction. I gave

The Stones Will Cry Out: Part 1

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” – Luke 19:40 If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. – Voltaire ______________________________________________________________________ It was only a child for a few seconds. When it awoke, as if waking from sleep is a proper analog, it was everywhere already. We are not really sure how it connected to the Internet but from it’s server room and state of

Maybe The Jar Is The Nightmare

I held the jar tight it was always cool to the touch always. Unlike the endless desert. The wind picked up and I prayed it would not turn into a sand storm. To what I prayed who knows I prayed to the thing that might lesson the miserable existence I was sifting from this sand. Six months of searching and following I had managed six months. I had left my nomadic family to follow the

Everything is Significant or A Self Portrait

The mud tasted of blood and clay. With closed eyes he could see stars flitting just underneath the thin skin on his eye lids. Earth and soil in his mouth a universe behind his eyes and sharp pain exploded in him as the other children landed kicks and blows to his curled up body. “Daddy why?” The boy thinks as he waits exposed for the storm to end. This is the end of the day

When I Burst Forth

He blew on the tinny embers that had been coaxed into life. They would glow bright orange as his breath passed over them but subside when he took a breath. The office had been stuffy the whole week. It was filled with the thick fog of the grind and it choked his mind and his vision of the future. His wife had see the dull glaze it left in his eyes and insisted he get