What’s The Cost


Price is a simple number. How much money do I need to hand you to get this thing? Cost is more relevant, more real and more complicated. Cost is what I had to give up to get this. Cost is how much to feed it, take care of it, maintain it and troubleshoot it. Cost is my lack of focus and my cost of storage. Cost is the externalities, the effluent, the side effects. Just …

The Minds of The Children

The Mindful Man

Children in America starts school we parents need to remember that the teachers can give them information but only we can teach them how to think.

The Worshiping Mind

This Bloggers Worshiping mind

The phrase “A worshiping mind” recently showed up in an article I was reading. It struck me as a simple way of distiling down the idea of focusing on whatever is lovely, pure, pleasing ttue and right. Oh to have a mind focused fully on God.

The most important question


The most important question you will ever ask yourself is, is there a God and if there is what are your obligations in light of his existence.

Social Media Engine


I think I might have figured out how to turn a wordpress site into an app for posting to social media.