What is a Discovery Engine


Modern-day search engines and social media platforms have strayed from the ideas that originally made the internet, its content, and the people that saw it as a medium, so great. To understand the internet as a medium you must think about art. When we think of mediums we are thinking of modes of expression. Paint, dance, photography; these are all modes of expression. They are other things as well but it is undeniable that despite the utilitarian aspects of paint, and photography they still remain mediums.

The Cathedral of The Mind


I wish I could remember… What forest it was, what person made the quote, the exact words, but I think the best I can do is the following… “I made purple tea from the pine cones. I slept on a bed of leaves and shrubbery. I awoke, light piercing the canopy. I clung to the top of trees, while storms swept through and preached to me with rain and wind. In the cathedral of this …

There is No Absolute Truth

Truth is a funny thing. It used to underpin society, our actions, our relationships. It used to be a virtue to not lie. It used to be a virtue to, when faced with truth, change your position to be more in line with truth. It also used to be a virtue to seek the truth. Through a long process we have managed to change that. We arrived. We have seen that the ends do justify …

Man Will Worship

Every single person you encounter, all of them, your checkout person, your friend on Facebook, that guy walking down the road, the police officer that just pulled you over, etc. All of them worship something. All of them have a guiding principle and a world view but usually nestled away as the pit of these things is the thing that person worships. Now worship is not what Hollywood has made it. Sure it can involve …

The Obligatory COVID-19 Blog Post or Mah Mah Mah my Corona!

Social Distancing

Being a person who identifies as a writer I felt it would be prudent to write something about this sheltering in place and the slow melting of liberties previously believed to have been given to us by God. Though it seems that was all lip service and it is the government that gives them too us. The Gov giveth and taketh away. I am not going to do that. I will not sit and pound …

What is Crossfit?


Recently it has come to the attention of humanity that sitting around eating the most decadent of snack cakes, packaged in cellophane while guzzling the equivalent of liquid bread may not be good for you. In fact, the pancreas was recently removed from the medical books because doctors were pretty sure no one had any interest in using it the right way. This positioned the pancreas to become the favorite organ of muscle-bound hipsters with …

Creative Lament


I have drawn, painted, and wrote in some form or fashion since I could hold a pencil or other marking implement. If you have read more than three posts on this site then you probably already know that my interests are scattered to the point that it makes it hard to be good at anything. I like my creativity like I like my beer. Never the same thing twice. Two themes have stuck with me …

The Darkest Side of Kanye West’s Album; Jesus Is King

Kanye West

Image By Kanye West is a Christian. Let it sink in.1 I have often said that when it comes to humanity the most beautiful things start with a confession of how dark we are inside. My gut reaction to the news of Kanye West’s faith was immediate skepticism. That sentence does not do justice to how ugly that is. We believe as Christians that when someone accepts Christ2, they are a new creation, the old …

In All Things Charity


I have been caught up just like a lot of people in the swirling miasma1 of blatnant, nuanced yet undefined corruption that is the world at large. It is like humidity that sticks to the skin. You can not see it but you can feel it and you can not get away from it. The wicked prosper and their most profitable venture is tearing each other apart. This leaves me not knowing who to root …

Click and Whir


The old fan clicks and whirs. I need to repair it. I click and whir when I think, about everything that needs replacing. The broken things and the whirring fan fall away sometimes, and I get to see the threads back to you.