A Second Chance at Coffee


One slip, one unfinshed task, one meInsufficent quantum mental nodesOrganic processor ran hot Stuck looping unreasonable expectationsImterstellar contium terminated by “oops”I forgot my laptop Late to work already after Raked over the coals of joyful inadequacyThe seams; can’t you see them they loosen, bust into spaceAnd I am undone in the few miles it takes to go and return.While I am there getting what I forgotI fill my cup again A second chance at coffee.

A Hard Peace


A toddler’s demanding cry.A teen’s frustrating whine.A child’s roll of the eye.A coworker’s biting reply.A spouse’s sharp decry. My heart is hard.My eyes are blind.Under all human action,A desperate link.Be it hurt, truth, madness or sin,True evil, virtue or a deafening inner dinThe man with empathy, wisdom and love combined,There in his heart grows the peacemaker’s vine A toddler’s demanding cry.The confusion of youth and dependence imbibe. A teen’s frustrating whine.The scaffolding is set build …

One Light Command


All these people, bodies, soulsLungs filled with gifts, every particleOne man speaksArms and microphone a man who is focal Abide in me The branch drinks the sap Pens scratch paper tiny screens scrollWe are intertwined by the KingAre we superficial?I am a well dressed bag man Keep my command.The fruit swells is it sweet? It is so polished all of it even meI hate the polish I want to seeI want to see past to …

Forgot The Deep Wood


I forgot the Deep Wood.It used to be sewn into my bone.Where fires burned for warmth.Light was made for reading and work.The deep wood used to be my home. I would drink from brooks of song,but as modern man from the tap.Where everyday chores were craft.My modern world is immediate,a disposable waste a glimmering trap What is this Deep Wood I seek? Not a place of location or crest. No, an inner reality painting all.The wind …



I have considered this thing called worship. What is it that we humans are so inclined to it? We sing our favorite songs as if they are us. We cry when a celebrity whom we never knew dies. We tear up at the sight of a sunrise. We devote hours and hours of effort to sports, video games, and our careers. So if we are in this; devoting thought, time and passions to all manner …

Lest You Do


A stable mind and a deep understanding, who can give me? Minds are cast into a well of chaos and strife, who is there to believe? One must dig deep to find the truth while the world demands that the shovel be put to work on the graves of those that are of other. Lord, you called us to love our enemies. When I look upon your face Jesus I see not the kind of …

Writing Fiction That Glorifies God.


Or how I stopped worrying and world built? world building? Made a world? I love God, like seriously love him. Just to get it out of the way I am a Christian. … Have you met my Lord and Savior? <thumbs bible> … Snirk; Without going too deep into it if you were to ask me what the purpose of life, of man was. I would tell it is to glorify God and enjoy Him …

Intellectual Honesty

Intellectual Honesty

I have been amazed at how it seems most people have forgotten HOW to think. Never mind WHAT to think how to think is being lost. 

Doing Really Hard Things and Failing Constantly or How To Burpee Your Life


“What is a Burpee” Quentin asked?  Quentin’s Unrequited Angst responded, “Terrible but necessary. Oh, your suffering will be delicious and worth it!” Quentin wiped the accumulating sweat from his brow and took a deep breath. The failer was not spectacular. In fact, no would even know it had happened.  Yet the push off the ground and the climbing back up to his proverbial feet was painful. Then came the next failure. What is a man to …

Intermingled Like Coffee and Cream

coffee and cream

Inwardly humans all have a very similar structure. We see this not in assumptions but in patterns. When one person is depressed there are categorized reasons for this state and related treatments. Another way to say this is that humans have a baseline and from there we deviate into unique personalities and viewpoints. I am a plain man so this is based mostly on observation and experience. I have have seen more signs of mental …