Strange Growth

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Charles stood there staring at the massive plant. Much larger than anything has a right to grow in the desert. He knew it was new. He knew it was a discovery. Then with the boldness of purity. He remembered the plant and then walked away and never spoke of it.

Here We Are Again


This problem has been with me for years. I can usually keep it under control but, well, here we are again. You can purchase this as an NFT.

Birth of Birds

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I like to think that the paint strokes that God used to create all that we see are stranger and sources of infinite imagination. Own the NFT. If you are the first to purchase this NFT then I will send you a custom Coffee Mug.

Its All Connected


There are these moments when clarity seems to prevail in my head and I see that the sudo spiritual phrase “its all connected” is not so sudo spiritual. The Bible teaches that everything finds its origin in God. Through God we are all connected. This thought! To dwell on this is joy.

King James

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There are slaves in and concentration camps in China. Own this as an NFT. Be the first to purchase this NFT and get a coffee mug.

Alexa Give me Perspective

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Jon: “Alexa, who am I?” Alexa: “You are Jon.” Jon: “Alexa, who is Jon though?” Alexa: “Jon is someone who loves to collect sun glasses.” Jon: “Aren’t I more than that?” Alexa: “Not to me.”


Vaccine Mandates

There was only one way.

Chelsey in H.R.

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Chelsey in H.R. was notorious. Notorious for what? Well that is a story for another day.

Join the Meta Verse

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We have found that tapping directly into the spiritual nano weave that is the human itself, we can deliver a much more real experience. We first tried to use the Homoluminus Planer Wave to try and interface with the truth and love resonance forms. This proved to be nearly impossible because it required things to be real. That is when we discovered Tertia Vox Sive Gehenna and this opened the path to create the Voluptas …

Just Let Me Boop That Snoot

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Sir just let me boop your snoot. WHAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM, the hum of the universe. Alternate Reading Sir just let me bop that snot. WHAAAAAAMMMMMMM the ham of the universe ~ RudieRedux