Chelsey in H.R.

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Chelsey in H.R. was notorious. Notorious for what? Well that is a story for another day.

Join the Meta Verse

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We have found that tapping directly into the spiritual nano weave that is the human itself, we can deliver a much more real experience. We first tried to use the Homoluminus Planer Wave to try and interface with the truth and love resonance forms. This proved to be nearly impossible because it required things to be real. That is when we discovered Tertia Vox Sive Gehenna and this opened the path to create the Voluptas …

Just Let Me Boop That Snoot

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Sir just let me boop your snoot. WHAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM, the hum of the universe. Alternate Reading Sir just let me bop that snot. WHAAAAAAMMMMMMM the ham of the universe ~ RudieRedux

Just Praise

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She had held it in too long. Too long had she let apathy and the drudge of life suppress that joy that was hers. It was a small thing that woke her up. But for this small thing she would ever be grateful. A small thing yes. A small thing delivered by the biggest thing.

He Took Wed Development Too Far

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He pushed himself in everything. In his job he pushed himself the hardest. Some say he lost everything. Some say the change gained him a perspective none, but him would ever understand.

Always Buzzing

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Aiming for greater things he found himself before the moose head monolith filled with the wrath of bees and the terrible shapes of modernity.

Wait Where Are You Going

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A Note: The questionable quality of this comic comes from some spirited exploration in style and medium. I went well outside of my comfort zone on this one and it shows. However, I am still happy to present it.

You Wish

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You wish God was dead.