All The While


This is perspective above all your worries and agenda

Maybe your kid is bad at math

All the while being created by God

Maybe your spouse is to preoccupied to make love.

All the while being full of God given purpose

Maybe your boss is a real jerk

All the while being adored by the one who hung the stars

Maybe that man is a drug dealer

All the while God tugs at his heart

Maybe your foster son’s parents are neglectful wretches

All the while God weeps bitter tears over them

Maybe a youth that cut you off while texting

All the while having been considered and thought about before the foundation of reality was laid.

Maybe that client who lost their temper

All the while being a brand new infant creation

Maybe you spoke harshly while angry and tired

All the while God is working on your heart

Maybe you yelled at your kid

All the while God was forgiving you

Maybe you were lazy and neglectful

All the while God worked in the background for your good

Maybe you cared more for politics than people

All the while God called out to you

Maybe you have walked around with the wrong perspective

All the while God is showing you his.

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