Haiku Collection #2

The fear of the Lord
Not fear like terror or pain
Awe of your power

Like the skies above
Sun close to the horizon
Us like those colors

My food given as
A handful of stones and ash
I would strive for joy

I am telling you
This house wild full of bear cubs
So much growling joy

No zombies or ghosts
Monsters are fascinating
Life just for madness

That great moment
When space and gravity touch
In my mind, cosmic

Here is where I am
Here is where we meet and talk
Shower of prayer

You tell me to be
Thankful, Encourager, Yours
Melancholy me

Green fire pumpkin carve
This wonderful fun we have
Spooky creation

Sometimes i’m broken
Falling down and getting up
Every time I fall

Mind on things above
Mind that is free clear and at peace
Not in moth and rust

Let it flow freely
Warm and wonderful coffee
The silver grizzly

Wood, brick, and friends
Only effort inspired
Just what we needed

Feeling stronger now
Front squat a new record
Actually stronger

In a new morning
A place you can go and be
Grizzly and awake

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