Plans within plans within …

Plans within plans within plans within plans within … What am I doing?

I am not making myself happy in the Lord in the morning and it is causing exactly what I know it will cause. Despondent, desperation and an unhealthy discontent.

Honest state right now. I am tired of what I do day in and day out. I want to raise my boys and make stories with art. Maybe it is time to try my hand at comics. In my own way?

**Comic Idea** Several mushrooms sitting around talking about quiting their jobs. Then one dies and the others cry out her name.

God help me to see what is possible. Fill me with your wisdom and spirit.

Mental illness is the modern plague

I hope my kids get their chores done so I don’t have to ground them.

If I am honest this whole thing worries me a bit.

I think the biggest problem is being so aware of it all and finding that my own internal structure, despite what I say has it’s weaknesses.

We all struggle do we not?

So I am also kind of angry about the over reaction of

How is this not parody.

Going to play Fate Core with my kids tonight. Should be interesting.

Under a tornado warning. The tornado is prophesied to be made entirely of covid 19 Chinese flu.

The Adventure Zone is a great podcast.

Think I am going to draw some mushrooms.

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