In Texas you can …

In Texas you can get liquor delivered

I need to spend more time creating rather than consuming.

I also need to get back into the spiritual side of my life. Time to start waking up early again.

I finally got a prescription for my glasses. Then the Covid19 (Chinese Flu) hit and now I can not get the glasses. However, I was unaware of how much I needed glasses until I went to a doctor who showed me. So now I get to walk around for the next three weeks knowing how badly I need them while being unable to get them even though I have paid for them.

Without sarcasm. As a reminder to myself. Despite all of this God above all still reigns in reality. Nothing is beyond him. All is at his allowance and pleasure, for his glory.

** Comic Idea ** There is pond full of robot ducks and frogs and all their quacking and crocking sounds like dub step. Some duck hunters look on with confusion.

Must remember to pray often.

Sometimes I really just want to have a different thing I do most often.

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