I wrote this to …

I wrote this to a friend in a chat. We were discussing vaccine and mask mandates.

No, I don’t think we should blindly follow laws. Honestly, this sort of thing strips a lot of the detritus from my thought life.

You ask yourself what laws are just and what laws are not?

Frankly, I think it all ends up in one direction for myself. The ten commandments of which none of us have kept and their distilled form in the two commandments spoken by Jesus himself.

Beyond that, we are just trying to navigate reality. Some of us want to be free and want others to be free and others want to be safe. These two things are in conflict. It is true objectively society works best when there is a mixture of these two things in balance. However, when they are out of balance or perverted we end up with Anarchy on the freedom side and Tyranny on the safety.

We must live in balance. The mask mandates and vaccine mandates are not that.

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