The End of Wonder …

The End of Wonder Woman

A young trans woman is out enjoying paddle boating when a sudden mystical hurricane carries them out to see. They float for days. Near-death they are carried by coincidence to Themyscira. There on the shore near death a group of Amazonians find her. One declares “A man!” raising her spear to end her life. The trans woman with her last bit of strength declares that she identifies as a woman. The Amazonians shurg, okay, and take the young trans woman in.

Cut forward a few years and the young trans woman has grown in strength and power due to her biology. The young trans woman starts a lesbian relationship with one of the Amazonians and a child is conceived and born. The child, a bearer of the Y chromosome begins their journey in Themyscira. Growing and being raised as an Amazonian. Because of the Amazonian’s practice of elevating the strongest amongst them. The ranks of their mightiest warriors are slowly replaced by biological males. Just a few generations later and the mightiest of warriors are all biological males and the biological women of Themyscira are left to look on and remember the old days.

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