Kids doing school work …

Kids doing school work on-line. Just like that prayer was back in schools.

My co-workers are ignoring their working from home buddy

Client work can be a real potato cannon sometimes.

Sometimes I just. I just need to keep my eye on the good. If you good is greater than the bad then looking at the bad becomes possible without.

In that case what is the highest good to consider?

To love the Lord my God with all of me for I am loved.

Quick confession apparently the more quality sleep I get the more salty I get.

I am getting a surprising amount of work done, while working at home.

Protect your freedoms while not abusing them.

Plans within plans within …

Plans within plans within plans within plans within … What am I doing?

I am not making myself happy in the Lord in the morning and it is causing exactly what I know it will cause. Despondent, desperation and an unhealthy discontent.

Honest state right now. I am tired of what I do day in and day out. I want to raise my boys and make stories with art. Maybe it is time to try my hand at comics. In my own way?

**Comic Idea** Several mushrooms sitting around talking about quiting their jobs. Then one dies and the others cry out her name.

God help me to see what is possible. Fill me with your wisdom and spirit.

Mental illness is the modern plague

I hope my kids get their chores done so I don’t have to ground them.

If I am honest this whole thing worries me a bit.

I think the biggest problem is being so aware of it all and finding that my own internal structure, despite what I say has it’s weaknesses.

We all struggle do we not?

So I am also kind of angry about the over reaction of

How is this not parody.

Going to play Fate Core with my kids tonight. Should be interesting.

Under a tornado warning. The tornado is prophesied to be made entirely of covid 19 Chinese flu.

The Adventure Zone is a great podcast.

Think I am going to draw some mushrooms.

In Texas you can …

In Texas you can get liquor delivered

I need to spend more time creating rather than consuming.

I also need to get back into the spiritual side of my life. Time to start waking up early again.

I finally got a prescription for my glasses. Then the Covid19 (Chinese Flu) hit and now I can not get the glasses. However, I was unaware of how much I needed glasses until I went to a doctor who showed me. So now I get to walk around for the next three weeks knowing how badly I need them while being unable to get them even though I have paid for them.

Without sarcasm. As a reminder to myself. Despite all of this God above all still reigns in reality. Nothing is beyond him. All is at his allowance and pleasure, for his glory.

** Comic Idea ** There is pond full of robot ducks and frogs and all their quacking and crocking sounds like dub step. Some duck hunters look on with confusion.

Must remember to pray often.

Sometimes I really just want to have a different thing I do most often.

Sometimes when I am …

Sometimes when I am coding, I find I need a particular function. I go to write it and realize that I wrote something that does exactly what I need several months ago. Like somehow I sent help to my future self. Like time traveling but more practical and without violating any laws of physics.

Sometimes I pour the …

Sometimes I pour the coffee real slow. Then I watch it lazily splash into my cup and remember how I used to have a desktop fountain.

Full of light this …

Full of light this morning. Seeing stars and stories. With glory flowing in one direction.

I got that; want …

I got that; want to run away and get lost in the woods, write a crazy rambling book, and be a poor artist; kind of feeling.