A Garden Worth Something

There it was the garden I had been working on for months now. I had tilled and watered, fertilized, and conditioned the soil. I had watered it with sweat and irradiated it with the sunlight of effort. I drove up from work got out of the car and left my briefcase in the car. I pulled my work shirt off leaving my undershirt and headed straight for the shed, skipping the obligatory entrance into the …

The Bean Provides

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Obviously with the frequency at which I write about my love of coffee, the bean does indeed provide.

The Ax

Work had been a real bitch the past few years. Mindless spreadsheets and reports, endless talking to clients and selling god knows what. Some days I would talk and fake smile so much my jaw ached. My young marriage was on the rocks and I just did not have the strength to fight or rather I had allowed that excuse to poison my outlook. Poisoned outlook aside, I was caught in the mire of apathy …

Hot Coffee

The coffee was hot. It was just the side of too hot. It was the highest temperature I could tolerate. The warm earthy liquid moved past my lips and down my throat into a vast ocean. The ocean was thick like honey and threatened to pull me under. It threatened to cover my head and keep me from ever breaching the surface again. I heard the voice of my father. He told me to keep …

Redefine Religion

I want to start out saying everything I write of this nature is in humility and humor. I am not some kind of trained anything. All I am is a man who loves God, family, and making stuff (read art but even that description is questionable). I also listen to an unhealthy amount of podcasts. This is where my recent thoughts on religion found the energy to bud on this finite mind. I was listening …

Learning To Write Again

Sometimes you just got to write. Just pound on that keyboard until the words flow out easily and the ends of your fingers hurt. Sure what you are writing might not be anything anyone would ever read or relate to but at least you wrote it. At least the potential for someone to read and enjoy it exists. At least the words are out there. Sure they may not be the best words or perfectly …

The Common Episode 8


I love coffee. Which is a funny thing to say. I wonder if I am elevating coffee to the place of something that could be worthy of actual love or if I am degrading love to the point where it could be accurately applied to something that could be described as roasted fruit pit water.

Coffee is a weird drink. It is bitter and most people like it with cream and sugar but if you get rid of the cream and sugar and just drink it black eventually your taste buds give up and start liking different parts of the bitter drink. Kind of like your tongue gives into Stockholm syndrome.

Coffee also delivers caffeine to the brain which is pretty neat. See it can trick your brain into thinking that it is not tired. Literally you can be exhausted and caffeine comes along and is like. Nope you are actually fine. It is one of those things that makes me wonder if we can ever truly know how tired we are.