Lest You Do


A stable mind and a deep understanding, who can give me? Minds are cast into a well of chaos and strife, who is there to believe? One must dig deep to find the truth while the world demands that the shovel be put to work on the graves of those that are of other. Lord, you called us to love our enemies. When I look upon your face Jesus I see not the kind of …

Writing Fiction That Glorifies God.


Or how I stopped worrying and world built? world building? Made a world? I love God, like seriously love him. Just to get it out of the way I am a Christian. … Have you met my Lord and Savior? <thumbs bible> … Snirk; Without going too deep into it if you were to ask me what the purpose of life, of man was. I would tell it is to glorify God and enjoy Him …

Intellectual Honesty

Intellectual Honesty

I have been amazed at how it seems most people have forgotten HOW to think. Never mind WHAT to think how to think is being lost. 

The Extremely Offensive Dog


Research Log 1Dr. Wit: This is research log 1 for Chemical Social Enhancement (CSE). We will be attempting to improve social behaviors among a pack of dogs, through genetic changes to pheromone production. The dogs were chosen because of their sensitive olfactory organs and their tendency to define many aspects of their interaction through smell. I have researcher Chelsea Blee as my lab partner she will be helping me run and maintain the experiments. Chelsea: …

Southern Fried Monster

A green snake

Why are you alive? The words came greasy from his lips. They slid through the air like southern fried snakes. Mocking me and sucking at me to beg. Why am I alive? Was it to be here today with a gun to my head? Was it to be here on my knees wondering about the meaning of life and how it might feel the few seconds it takes for a piece of metal to tear …

What A Coder Smells Like

What a Coder Smells Like

The keyboard clicked and clacked as lines of code were written. Data was stored in variables, conditions were tested, and results were sent to views for human consumption. Input was received from the viewers of data and a new cascade of computational efforts was kicked off. Money was made and scripts were run. They will run again tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. The Coder he codes. He writes and …

Doing Really Hard Things and Failing Constantly or How To Burpee Your Life


“What is a Burpee” Quentin asked?  Quentin’s Unrequited Angst responded, “Terrible but necessary. Oh, your suffering will be delicious and worth it!” Quentin wiped the accumulating sweat from his brow and took a deep breath. The failer was not spectacular. In fact, no would even know it had happened.  Yet the push off the ground and the climbing back up to his proverbial feet was painful. Then came the next failure. What is a man to …

Pathfinder Update: Almost Ready To Give It To Others To Edit.


I am almost done with the first editing run. It has taken me quite a while mostly because of procrastination. With that said. Here is an excerpt from tonight’s edits. The savory stew was so thick Ruso served it on a plate. The time it had cooked left the vegetables soft and infused with the spices and flavors of the meat. Serge felt life creeping back into his senses as he sopped up the gravy …

Cindy’s Wound

A Squirrel

“You can’t do this Terry! We need you here at the house! I need you!” Cindy screamed in desperation. “Cindy, I can not handle this anymore! You say you care about the children yet you just let this persist!” Terry raising his voice to match her own. “I do care about the children! I care about you too but sometimes we just have to soldier on! Things happen and they may never change but you …