Haiku Collection #1

My world is noisy
Happy sparks threaten hot flames
Shoulders lacking strength

Why am I downcast
Is God not on the high throne
Master lift my eyes

Backwards shirt always
First born has a lot of thoughts
The struggle is real

Do not hem me in
Well let us hem in the dog

Great frenchpress coffee
Best frenchpress I ever used
A close friend always

Such a spicy babe
She is my tiny daughter
Hot sweet potato

Lost minds never found
So many kids noise noise noise
Eternal parent

Messy minds trashed seats
Distraction reigns in the day light
Sleep in the dark night

First born of my heart
Much trouble comes your way child
The future is yours

Coffee coffee dark
Coffee coffee coffee please
Coffee saves tiny lives

Noise noise noise noise noise
Noise noise noise noise noise loud loud
Noise noise noise noise noise

Sometimes its extra hard
To see the wonder in this
To see the high throne

Wonder in mundaine
All is beautiful to me
I must strive for this

Why journal at all?
It only collects mistakes,
Chronicals prayer

Inside I am ever.
Never outside never to enjoy.
Adventure, blind me.

What a family
Fall cools the hot Texas system
Six children for warmth

Nature natural
As my wonder grows stronger
May ever be awed

The light falls on us
Photons from a distance beyond
A will paints our world

Sprouting up all around
Everything sprouts up in life
Plants, Mold, Kids, Grief, Love

Many sorted words
They fly by without wit, charm
Binary song

Thankfulness sweet water
It flows unaturally
Naturally craved

What is my treasure
Is it not this family
This trial, this hunt

Muscle eloquence
Fibers woven bound for strength
Tighten grip and move

Suspended in life
Over realities chasm
Honest assesment

Branches cut low, clean
Rumage through the past dear child
Your branches they grow

Good beer taste the craft
Not too much please just enough
A gift from my wife

Little nerve endings
Taste many small smooth lives
Crafty tasty new

Entwined creating
Family happy marriage

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