Haiku Collection #3

Nothing absolute
Self-refuting statement
Absolutely false

All moves and keystroke
Have purpose beyond this life
Is glory clearer

Embitter children
Lord help me to parent well
Love respect spirit

With eyes closed at night
I dreamed of you great spirit
Open eyes, your gifts

A house divided
Mind reading is fictional
Understand, respect

The brightest of lights
You only need, turn around
The deepest of truths

Got a great lady
Tatooed lovely, strong, loyal
Peice of heaven

A quiver with you
A mighty weapon indeed
World changing child

These two tiny feet
Though they small and young have walked
Blessed for resting here

Much could be said here
How I have learned to love you
Love of my youth, wife

These sweet little hands
They reach for daddy. Thats me!
Treasure these sweet hands

How can a thought rest
In a point of time and place
Yet with me always

Life is purposful
Truth: significance we find
God alone Loves Source

These children of ours
Full of the purest wonder
Preserve preciousness

Magnificent things
Minds that contradict the real
Can’t see evidence

Man kind will worship
We were made to praise merrits
Wisely choose focus

Blood pressure rises
A deer collision tops off
Let peace reign in

Self, salt of life lived
Salted earth does not grow
Salted food is good

Health is a blessing
Health, strength through the storm of life
Storms are a blessing

Heaven help us please
We deny the rights of all
True for all persons

Pickadoo in place
Burmasmatch in praquitace
Vorpal snicker snac

Through the walgaltang
Under the quagllepreshg
Digglesplag past me

Magnificent works
Creations reality
Wonder in it all

We are only moons
With no light or radiance
We reflect Glory

Some light pours in warm
Like my coffee in the morn
Yet somber reverent

More has poured out of me
On the ground for me to see
Improve here trust there

Inefable joy
To try and describe the king
No words for glory

Sureal, blade of grass
It can be described by math
Completely God’s words

Even in the grind
I find myself lost in you
Eternal mystery

The great deep divide
Between concious thought and dream
In sweet rapture

This is the feeling
Expanding world before me
Exploring myself

Cast all your worries
Upon God, easier said
Worth every scuffed knee

Tiniest fissures
In me in you openings
Leak into you, me

You know you have thoughts
They never stop, sleep or wait
Even in sleep you dream

The great mystery
Draws me into your presence
Pleasures at your hand

A morning of throns
A pressung of nails through hands
What child is this

Do they teach logic
The thinkers have forgotten
Make the connections

If I was younger
Had more gumpshon and viger
There would be no change

There is loneliness
The breath of man he breathes it
The ruined moral

See the fissure in me
The crack of light a warm glow
Light deep like the void

A frayed rope of mind
Been here one to many times
A hopeful prayer

Your face is the scene
Of a wonderful event
A growing wisdom

Beautiful vistas
My life has little to none
Found in truth seeking

Fatherhood is hard
Constantly you move further
God raise him where I fail

What is man’s chief end
To gloryify God and enjoy
Yes! enjoy him forever

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