What Is Real Treasure

What is Real Treasure - Poem Aaron Blakeley

Around the proverbial campfire
Fueled by the thermal decay of culture and civilization
The sky was dark, and the stars turned lazily
Cold and deep as the void.
Is it the void?

Two humans sit you and me
Huddled together for warmth
Greedy, hungry the fire sustains us
Warm and bright like withering innocence
Is it youth?

You and I discuss values
Under a blanket that is priceless
Us made of the very same material as everything
Science only can discover our frame
Is it knowledge?

We are together though we mostly despise
We love to expel words against each other
Walls made of only mouths
Not a single ear
Is it people?

On this proverbial campout
With our cosmic venue and our symbolic fire
We together moving through this moment
Moment to moment camping better than anyone
Is it purpose?

Truly we are ourselves deeper than canyons
We are more complex than matter
We are brighter than stars
We are beautiful in our own eyes
Is it beauty?

No dear camper I see it now
In our moment, purpose, venue, persons and minds
True treasure would be to have the source of these things
To experience that forever, I will
Is it not the creator himself?

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