Do You Like Me


Do you like me?
Check one.
Yes or No


Mrs. Chelby was talking in a way that carried weight and importance. The water cycle was a heavy subject full of subtle intricacies, and measurable realities. Kyle had been interested at first listening to the dance of liquid to vapor and back to liquid when his attention had been all but vaporized by a brightness out of the corner of his eye.

The sun had sent a beam of light into the classroom as if to demonstrate its roll in the cycle. Yet the beam had lost its train of thought as well and landed on Jill. She glowed bright with the warm light cutting in through the window. Her clothes were the colors of cotton candy and the way she held her chin while listening to Mrs. Chelby was worthy of cut marble and display in the Louvre.

Except Kyle had no words for any of this. He could not even place a single thought on why or how Jill had suddenly caught his eye. There was no pretense of obligation or commitment. Just simple adolescence admiration of classmates on the cusp of the larger world. Innocence wrote the words on a sheet of notebook paper. Innocence folded it in a simple square. Innocence secretly passed it to Tom, who passed it to Samantha, who passed it to Jill.

Now I could tell you some fancy story that Jill checked yes and they were never parted and had a family full of love. Yet these are kids and they have no grasp of real true love. What they do have is a note with the question and a Mrs. Chelby who saw the whole thing

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