An Honest Withdraw


Dear Reader,

I really do try and keep the writing less meta and more substantive. I just don’t think I can today. Social media and these algorithmicly generated wasteland of echoing platitudes have just about got me. Don’t get me wrong I am the one that indulged no one made me log in. Yet after shuttling in more and more of the content I just can’t anymore.

I think it is time to disappear from the social media platforms in general. Obviously, I can’t leave it all together as I have a company that needs me to be aware of it. I also have people that I talk to through the only useful features of these sites, the messenger functionality.

Even now as I write about this I realize that there is no escape but there is an extreme withdraw. What does this mean for a writing career? I don’t know it might mean that I never have an audience and my work lives in obscurity? Probably but maybe not. Only time can really tell. What I do know is that as a social media echo I must exist.

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