Niblit – I Don’t Owe You

Niblit Logo

What Was Niblit

Niblit started out as this thought that I might read more if I suddenly built a website around my reading. Well I have kids, so I read more but still don’t have the time or wherewithal to write a book review or report. So Niblit was D.O.A. within days of the first post.

What Will It Be

I really like the logo and spent a lot of time dreaming about something like Niblit thinking about what it was that I really wanted to do with it. I started writing and reading more and need an outlet for creating stories and getting that creative effort out there for people to enjoy (or hate) and discuss. Niblit will be a short story venture with serials being posted to twitter 140 characters at a time and completed stories posted on once the serial is completed and edited.

Why Short Stories

I wanted to justify my desire to write short stories but I don’t feel that beholden to my own rational. May this irreverentness effervesce through your thought organ.

Follow To Find Out

So follow the twitter account and get ready to enjoy some plot points. New story starts soon. Like in July 2017 or something like that.

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