Somewhere, a drum beats out the rhythm of life. It keeps the pace of time and sets the tempo of the seasons. John heard the drums in the alley on his way to Wasabi Street Coffee. He stopped. He never stops for things like this. The scene was all hair, dirt, and sweat. The occasional flash of teeth, yellowed and chiseled into a smile, would peek through as the cloud of matted gray hair parted.


I have seen many complex issues solved via simplicity. Let’s say you are distributing widgets, and you need to build them. A simple way of doing this is to simply hire someone to build them. Though even this statement hides something rather complex beneath it. What is a widget? How complex is the widget itself? Things like the assembly line helped address this problem. The single worker could focus on one simple part of a

Aliens Do Not Worry Me

Do you know how many different kinds of alien sightings there are? There are cigars, triangles, crosses, tic-tacs, balls of light, abductions, visitations, teardrops, cylinders, diamonds, discs, ovals, dumbbells, and many others. According to someone who is either blowing a whistle or currently waving their arms about screaming “look over here,” visitors from another planet are indeed here, and we don’t know what they want. What a surprise. I have been asked what it means

Snow Crash – A Review

I decided to read Snow Crash because it’s the book that inspired Zuck’s term ‘Metaverse’. I thought it would be intriguing to read a book whose concepts prompted a billionaire to rename his company. Snow Crash largely centers around a virus whose name is the title of the book and the conspiracy that surrounds it. The virus is not your typical virus because it can, through direct physical infection, open up the gateway for an

Art Culture and God or A man ruminates on strange art for Jesus.

I have made art and dabbled for a long time. Never really tried to be famous or anything along that line but more or less sought to have some fun and explore ideas. I am also a Christian and this drop of truth that forms the kernel of my being, influencing and altering everything I do. I often wonder about the work that I like to make and if it is truly God-glorifying. I suppose


Bob walked in looking more disheveled than usual. He cautiously poured himself a coffee instability was all over him. “Have a rough night?” I ask. I know he did. We can all see it on him crawling over him. We have all been there and know what happened, the entire office does. We ask to be polite at least they had not taken that from us yet. Bob sat down and looked me right into

Joy is the Tip of the Spear

Sleep can be like a hole that you are shoved down into. Some sleep feels like rest that leaves you refreshed while others is a craggy womb whose end is like the opening of a clamshell leaving your soft exposed interior ready for the day but still soft and very exposed. The day washes over you and though it is still dark out and a tennis court calls your son to it though he is