The Common Episode 8

I love coffee. Which is a funny thing to say. I wonder if I am elevating coffee to the place of something that could be worthy of actual love or if I am degrading love to the point where it could be accurately applied to something that could be described as roasted fruit pit water. Coffee is a weird drink. It is bitter and most people like it with cream and sugar but if you get rid of the cream and sugar and just drink it black eventually your taste buds give up and start liking different parts of the bitter drink. Kind of like your tongue gives into Stockholm syndrome. Coffee also delivers caffeine to the brain which is pretty neat. See it can trick your brain into thinking that it is not tired. Literally you can be exhausted and caffeine comes along and is like. Nope you are actually fine. It is one of those things that makes me wonder if we can ever truly know how tired we are.

FMS Feed

There was a man floating in a terrible expanse. Darkness swelled around him and the stars winked out of existence long ago. He was cold, he was breathless, yet he did not die. He passed through this void slowly without direction. Yet there was light in his chest. Something placed there before he was cast into this distance. It tethered him and called to the lover of his soul. He knew he would be found.
I love the C.S Lewis Space Trilogy it paints this version of the universe where science and reason float atop this spiritual reality. Sure it is farfetched but so is Harry Potter.
Remember science is not science when it is politics masquerading as science.